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Dr. Lee Briese

Certified Crop Advisor, Centrol Ag Consulting

Jason Hanson

Certified Crop Advisor, Rock & Roll Agronomy

Jean Haley

Program Evaluator

Brady Goettl

Soil Health Research Technician and PhD candidate, NDSU

Dr. Jason Harmon

Professor, Entomology, NDSU

Dr. Katherine O’Brien

Research Specialist, Entomology, NDSU

Dr. Abbey Wick

Soil Health Specialist, NDSU

In-House Advertising and Consulting



Elizabeth directs the Sustainable Food Lab’s values based consulting and pre-competitive work streams in professionalized grain and livestock systems including oversight for large scale soil health programs in the US and Australia. She spent the early part of her life on a dairy farm in Vermont, and then later on a large organic vegetable operation. Prior to the Food Lab she worked for the University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies, Trust for Public Land, Donella Meadows Institute, and US Senator Patrick Leahy. Her advanced degrees are in Community Development and Applied Economics from the University of Vermont.



Kelly is a Program Director for Sustainable Food Lab’s Agriculture and Environment team, focused on large-scale grain and livestock systems. She works to bring together companies, growers, NGOs, and community members to find solutions to scaling regenerative agriculture. She brings a background in public opinion research, strategy, communications, best practice advising, corporate sustainability, sourcing and contracting, and project management. Prior to the Food Lab, she worked for Anheuser-Busch InBev, Corporate Executive Board, and Greenberg Quinlan Rosner. She holds an M.B.A. from MIT’s Sloan School of Management and a B.A. in International Relations from Northwestern University.



A New Hampshire native, Ben grew up a stone’s throw away from the Sustainable Food Lab offices, but his agribusiness experience carried him westward from Massachusetts to Colorado and, most recently, California. He is excited to return to his Upper Valley roots as Program Manager at the Food Lab, where he focuses on equipping producers, agronomists, and corporate leaders with the strategies and resources to tap the promise of a regenerative food system. Prior to joining the Food Lab, he led U.S. field operations for Nectar Technologies, a precision beekeeping tech startup. He cut his teeth in carbon farming as an early hire at Indigo Agriculture after earning a BA in Environmental Studies at Middlebury College.



Steve is the Agriculture Science Lead at General Mills, where he leads programs and forms partnerships across North America to support farmers in implementing regenerative agriculture, and to better understand the environmental and economic impacts of regenerative systems. Steve started at General Mills in 2017 after receiving his PhD in Soil and Crop Sciences from Colorado State University.



Margaret was born on a dairy farm in Kentucky. She has spent her life and career working to improve social, economic and environmental outcomes for rural communities around the world. She has a BA and BS from Brown University, training from Massachusetts Institute for Technology in System Dynamics and a Master’s Degree from Princeton University in Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy. Her career focused on improving sustainable food systems in government, NGOs and the private sector in places as varied as Mozambique, Brazil, the U.S. and India. She is the Sr. Director of Sustainability Strategy and External Engagement at PepsiCo where she works on their strategy to expand climate resilient and regenerative farming practices around the world. She believes that the most enduring change comes about when aligning diverse partners with different expertise and driving outcomes through finding shared value from the farmer to the environment to the consumer.


Maeve Anderson is the Regenerative Agriculture US Partnerships Manager at PepsiCo. She holds a BS in Environmental Science from Cornell University, and has spent her career so far in the agricultural industry, working to improve social, economic and environmental outcomes for farmers in the US and beyond, while reducing the impact of agricultural production on the environment.


Born and raised in Kansas, Brad worked his family farm before attending college at Kansas State University, graduating with a BS in Milling Science. He brings more than 25 years of experience in the milling industry to his role at King Arthur, which he joined in 2013. As Director of Mill Relations, Brad manages everything from wholesale partnerships to bakery flour sales and regenerative agriculture efforts.


Katie Morison is a Manager in Responsible Sourcing for The Hershey Company, where she leads the company’s work on advancing sustainability in its dairy and sugar supply chains, as well as its supplier diversity program. Before joining Hershey’s in 2020, she worked in corporate sustainability management and consulting in the Middle East region for six years.

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